We are honored and honored to hold this meeting of our fourth congress which will be held on 03-04/ DECEMBER in ISTANBUL   with the support and contributions of ORP Consultancy and Organization. In the second meeting of the congress, we will organize the conferences on the topics and subtopics of Healthy Mother and Child, Healthy Life, Sports and Exercise, Healthy Life, Family, Education and Children, Healthy Living and Nutrition, Healthy Aging and Wellness Programs. We sincerely hope that the Congress will be beneficial to all participants and contribute to the field. We would like to thank all our professors who provided scientific support, especially the technical team who took part in the second meeting of the Congress. Until meeting you in the congress, may the peace be with all our participants and scientists. Regards.

Prof. Prof. Çetin YAMAN

Head of the Congress

(Sakarya Uygulamal Bilimler University)